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Virtual Students Meal Pickup Letter
Virtual Students Meal Pickup Letter
If your child/children participated in our free or reduced lunch program last school year, they will start out eating on a temporary free or reduced status. The temporary free or reduced status will EXPIRE on September 24, 2020. A new free or reduced lunch application must be filled out and turned in to the cafeteria on or before September 24, 2020. Failure to apply or re-apply by September 24, 2020 will result in your child/children’s lunch account status as full price. Full price lunch is $2.35 per day.  Please contact Christina Leas, Food Service Supervisor at (423) 623-3811 x252 with any questions.
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Cafeteria Contact List

Leas, Christina
Food Service Supervisor
(423) 623-3811 x252
Short, Michael
(423) 623-3811 x209
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Universal Free Breakfast is served to all students at Newport Grammar School. At breakfast, we serve three components:  two grains, one fruit and/or juice, and milk.  Students may choose three or four items from the three components for a reimbursable meal.  Cereal is also served daily. We are offering a free Grab & Go Breakfast in the primary cafeteria for kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students to eat now or put in their backpack for later.


($2.35 full price / $0.40 reduced)

We serve five components at lunch: meat/meat alternate, one or two vegetables, fruit, whole grain, and milk.  Students may choose four or all five components at lunch for a reimbursable meal. Students must choose a fruit or vegetable to be a reimbursable meal. Any food item can be purchased as an a la carte item after a reimbursable meal is chosen.

A La Carte Items

Meat Item $1.70, Vegetable $.75, Fruit $.75, Switch Fruit Juice $1.00, Sports Drinks $1.00,Water $1.00, Muffins $.75, Mini Rice Krispy Treats $.25, Cookies $.75, Chips $.75, Mayfield Ice Cream $.80

Newport Grammar School is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.