Alf Gregg - 6th Grade Science

Phone: 423-623-3811 Ext. 214



  • September 1 -- 1:00 Dismissal
  • September 4 -- Holiday - no school
  • September 29 -- 1:00 Dismissal

Upcoming TEST - Friday, August 25

We are currently studying Population Dynamics.   Student notebooks have been set up and all notes are being placed into the notebooks for studying.   


Vocabulary can be studied using index cards or quizlet.  (Can access through CLEVER) 


TEST will be Friday, August 25.

Use notes taken using packet as well the study guide linked here .......  LINK:



Course of Study


First Semester Topics

Factors in the Ecosystem


Interactions Between Organisms

.     Biodiversity



Second Semester Topics


Transfer of Energy

Heating of the Earth



Year Long Topics

STEM LAB - will meet on Tuesdays

Weather Studies will be ongoing throughout the school year as students collect weather data and observe weather patterns through the seasons.  


Supply List

For Science class: 

  • 2 Composition Books for notes

**students may choose to use highlighters, colored pencils, or colored pens for personalizing notes.  This is optional.

  • Scotch tape refill for tape dispenser

**students use tape to attach handouts and other items into their composition books.


For overall use in all classes:  

  • individual set of WIRED headphones for use on Chromebooks (no AirPods or bluetooth earphones) These can be used across all classes.
  • Pencil pouch for personal supplies
  • Expand-A-File
  • Pair of Scissors
  • Individual Tape Dispenser


For community use and distributed to students, as needed, during classroom activities:

  • 1 pack of pencil tip erasers
  • 1 pack of Lysol wipes
  • #2 pencils
  • 3 X 5 index cards