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301 College Street,  Newport  TN  37821

From I-40, Exit 435:

  • Start going north on Cosby Hwy/US-321 N/TN-32 (1.4 miles)
    • Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites NEWPORT SOUTHis on the corner
  • Turn right onto Mulberry St. (0.3 miles)
    • Mulberry St is just past Pride Aly
    • THE PIT STOP MOBIL is on the left and CVS Pharmacy is on the right
  • Turn left onto Woodlawn Ave. (0.3 miles)
    • Woodlawn Ave is just past Jefferson Ave
  • Turn right onto College St. (0.2 miles)
    • College St is just past Lakeview St
    • If you reach Riverview St you've gone a little too far
  • 301 COLLEGE ST is on the right.
    • Your destination is just past Mims Ave (on the left)

From I-40, Exit 432-B:

  • Start out going east on W Highway 25 70/US-70 E/US-25W S/TN-9/TN-35 (3.8 miles)
  • Turn right onto Mims Ave. (0.2 miles)
    • Mims Ave is just past North St
    • National Bank of TN is on the left and First Baptist Church and Newport Federal Bank are on the right
    • If you reach McSween Ave you've gone a little too far
  • Turn left onto College St. (0.06 miles)
  • 301 COLLEGE ST is on the right.