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Hiking Club

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NGS Hiking Club


 -This club is about fun, fitness, and friends.  We will get outside to enjoy the Great Smoky Mountains and learn about the park.

-If you are in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade and are interested in joining, please come see Mrs. Douglas. 



When/Where/Estimated Roundtrip Distance:


Saturday, September 30  The Midnight Hole & Mouse Creek Falls Waterville, NC. (4mi.)

9:00AM                              Meet at NGS bell parking lot to follow to hike location



Saturday, October 7   Porter’s Creek Trail Greenbrier Section of The Great Smoky Mountains Park Gatlinburg, TN (4 mi.) 

8:45AM Meet at NGS bell parking lot to follow to hike location 



Saturday, October 28  Hen Wallow Falls, Cosby Campground, Cosby,TN (4.5 mi.)  9:00AM                Meet at NGS bell parking lot to follow to hike location



Other hikes to be announced.




Do I have to do them all? No. Come out and enjoy as many as you want.




What to bring:


        -Backpacks   -Hoodie or jacket  -Hiking boots/shoes   -Extra Socks


            -First-Aid supplies (adhesive bandages, etc.)   -Water and MORE water


            -Snacks or small lunch (granola bars, crackers, fruit, etc.)




What to wear: Good athletic shoes or hiking boots, layers of clothing, backpack, hat, sunglasses. Students MUST carry their own packs.




Good Outdoor Manners:


-          Leave the trails as clean as or cleaner than you found them. PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT.


-          Hikers going up hill have the right of way over hikers coming downhill. Pull over to the right and let them pass. Stay on the right.


-          Leave wildlife alone! Monitor your volume. Take pictures, leave only footprints.




Transportation: Students/parents are responsible for their own transportation to and from hike locations. Parents are encouraged to attend and come along on the hikes. If adults transport any child other than their own, adults must have 1) have a valid driver’s license 2) fill out an “NGS Affidavit of Insurance” form. NGS staff is not responsible for transporting students to or from these events.