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Welcome to the Newport Grammar School Library! Home of the NGS Warriors.


Hours for NGS Library

8:05 AM - 3:15 PM   

Students in grades 1st-8th will visit the library every 2 weeks
Beginning in 4th grade, students will assessed a fine of .05 per book per day they are overdue. This DOES NOT include students with excused abscences. Absent students' book are automatically renewed. Students with overdue books and/or fines will not be able to check out books until their accounts are in good standing.
Thank you!!


 Read some fantastic books!




Series to consider for your readig enjoyment!:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (4-8)

The Unwanteds (4-8)

Dork Diaries (3-8)

Stick Dog (3-8)

Owl Diaries (1-4)

Notebook of Doom (2-5)

I Survived (2-8)